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Our story... here is my story!

Copart auto auction

is one of the best auto auctions in the USA where you can save up to 50% on your next car!

Even though registering at auto auction and bidding takes little preparation to none, selecting the right cars and paying the right price is not an easy task!

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how auction operates and make many costly mistakes!

Let me tell you Arthur's story:

Arthur found 2016 Peterbilt conventional truck at Copart. Just imagine, it was almost brand new truck with minor repairs needed and Arthur paid just over $50,000 for it, instead of $120,000! In his mind he saw how he could grow his trucking business really BIG within few years. He said to himself: "Man, what a deal! I can buy two trucks for the price of one!" It felt very satisfying...

Till he went to the local DMV to register the car.

"You cannot register this car. This car intends to be part out " - told the DMV clerk.

Imagine what Arthur felt at that moment...

He's invested close to $60,000 in the car that is good for parts only...

It all happened, b/c he did not know the BASICS of buying cars at Copart!

Learn from the experience of Arthur and others - eliminate mistakes and save money on your next car!

Andrei Ivanov copart auto auctionHi, my name is Andrei Ivanov, and I've been buying cars at Copart since 2002.

I made lots of mistakes:

The good part is the SKILL needed to eliminate these mistakes is PRETTY EASY to learn.

If only I knew it sooner...dang it.

You do not need to be car guru to find great deals!

You need to know what cars to search, how to research them online, which paperwork needed and what price to pay!


Got it? Seriously! It is not rocket science! Lol

In this online course I've put all the best practices together that my clients ask me daily.

I've packaged it in easy to digest bitesize lessons!

Copart Buying Mastery course

Each video is less than 5 minutes, total time needed for ALL program is just 1 hour!!!

Spend one hour and you will become expert at car buying at Copart auto auction!

In this course you will learn:

It will be updated constantly! Check it often!

Daily I communicate with my clients from all over the world, they ask fantastic questions and instead of keeping the discussion between my client and I - I will share it with you in a video as well!

Sounds fantastic?

I'll cover various topics from shipping cars the cheapest possible way and saving even more on your next car!

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Copart Buying Mastery course

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