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How to Buy with CARS FROM WEST?

Before you register and start bidding on a car, I highly recommend you go over my online course Copart Buying Mastery!

The BEST part?! It is FREE and it takes just one hour to complete. Just one hour and you are the EXPERT at buying cars at Copart!


Joining is fast and easy! To get started go to our registration page, fill out the form, and confirm your information. You are almost done!

Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

You need to submit you government-issued photo ID after registration to be able to bid. You can submit it either e-mailing it from registered e-mail account in our system to or via your Profile page.

Refundable Security Deposit

Before you can bid and buy on the Web Site, Company must receive refundable security deposit ("Deposit") of $400, or 10% of your allowed bidding limit. A deposit of $400 will allow you to bid on one vehicle up to $4000. A deposit of $2000 will allow you to bid on a vehicle up to $20000. You can increase bidding limit at any time via My Account page.

User of Personal account pays Deposit by Credit Card or bank wire. User of Business account pays Deposit by wire transfer only.

Credit card deposit is valid for 45 days. If you do not purchase any car within 45 days, Deposit is automatically refunded back to the credit card and your deposit will be removed from the system. Bank wire deposit does not have expiration limit. You may request refund of Deposit at any time in your account.


Bidding begins when the vehicle is assigned a sale date and continues until one hour (cut off) before the Live Auction. You can submit maximum price you are willing to pay for the vehicle at the vehicle page. You can retract, lower, make it higher, or cancel the bid any time before the cut off.

You cannot change bid after the cut-off. Beyond the cut off, CWG registers your BID at the Copart site automatically (proxy bid), and we are unable to retract, lower or cancel the bid at Copart's web site. If an auction ends with User as a high bidder User will be obligated to either purchase the vehicle or forfeiting his/her security deposit. All bids are final.

During auction the Copart bidding platform VB3 will bid one bid increment at a time until your max bid over the preliminary bidding closed price. Please review Copart's terms for detailed information.

How to place bids at (video):


Congratulations! You have WON! This is very exciting indeed and makes it super easy and exciting for you to finish the process!

Once you've won the auction, you'd get instant notification at your email. An invoice and wire transfer instructions will be emailed to you and it also available in your Account.

Pay right away and never deal with LATE FEES!

Once you have won, you will be paying your final bid price, applicable auction fees based on the final sales price, and our transaction and documentation fees.

We recommend that you order shipping the day you've won the auction.

Payment for won vehicles must be paid directly to Copart. You can pay by wire transfer or in person at any Copart's facility with cashier's check or money order. Deposit will be refunded by request after all fees are paid.

Purchases should be paid within 3 (three) business days, including the sale day. For example, you've purchased car on March 1st. We need to receive your payment by 5pm Pacific time on March 3rd.

Buying a car with Buy it now option (video):

Ship’s shipping experts know how to handle all the details of transporting your vehicle from the auction yard to domestic or international destinations. We pick up your vehicle within 1-3 days of receiving your shipping payment.

Our shipping staff works with the industry’s most reliable and bonded shippers. All vehicles are fully insured up to 1 million dollars for domestic destinations. Because of our strong relationships with our transporters we can save you money while ensuring your purchase arrives when and where you need it without hassle.

If your vehicle remains at the auction for more than 5 (five) days at the auction, you will be charged a $20 daily storage fee.

All vehicles must be towed or transported out of Copart auction yards.

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